My Sprinklers can be dismantled into 3 pieces. This ornamental garden sprinkler is also extremely functional
giving an even spread of water covering a circle of 6 to 10 meters diameter. The sprinkler head is
created from copper tubing & the stand is constructed from steel & painted with hammerite & has a
height of 1.2 meters & it is easily dismantled into three separate units.
Connect the sprayer to a tap (all sprayers have Gardena fittings) and regulate water pressure.

Rotating slowly at a low pressure creates a pleasant, mesmerizing visual effect. The fact that the water
is wetting the plants from above is very beneficial to plant growth. The water droplets are of a size which
will not be easily blown away by wind while still supplying a gentle water or rain effect.
Birds love flying through the spiralling water and children have been known to spend hours running or
standing underneath the cooling shower on a hot day.

There are no plastic parts which can break and is therefore dog and child proof. Left in the garden when
not in use these sprayers will double as an interesting sculpture. If treated with care
Roy's sprayers will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Please Note: Lead time 1 week (if stock not available).