Handcrafted Sundials. Sundials make an extremely attractive feature in any garden. My sundials are handcrafted out of solid brass
using traditional methods. All dials are personalized to suite with a family, farm or house name, a slogan, sundial motto, logo
or family crest. Sundials also make a perfect gift and can be used to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, special events, births
or deaths. These dials are designed and constructed to be site specific and therefore are extremely accurate. Instructions on how
to read, locate and set up each dial are included. The sundial is an ancient instrument to measure time according to the constantly
shifting shadow of a marker exposed to sunlight. It consists of two main parts, a flat face plate or dial onto which daylight hours
are normally engraved or etched and a central gnomon that is fitted 90 degrees into the face plate. Because the base of the shadow-
casting gnomon of a sundial must face the equator, you cannot use the same horizontal or spherical model in both the northern and
southern hemispheres as they are mirror images of each other. " If correctly calculated and carefully oriented,
a basic sundial can be amazingly accurate," says Roy Reycraft.

My sundials have an accuracy of 1 or 2 minutes when installed correctly. Because they are made for the specific location where they
are to be installed, installation becomes reasonably easy using the sun's shadow and an accurate watch or time piece. The equations
of time (time corrections) are written around the edge of the sundial and are simple to understand. All the markings (dial furniture)
on the sundial are installed by hand and deeply etched in nitric acid.

With this in mind you will understand why none of my calculations are computer assisted. I attempt to use only the most aesthetically
pleasing characteristics of historical sundials.

My standard design derives from C19th but I have noproblem adopting it to suit a customer's personal requirements.
Please Note: Lead time 4-6 weeks.